Springboard to Compassion

springboard to compassion

Here in Australia it’s springtime.  It’s got me thinking about the energy of spring.  It’s a time of year when we see a lot of stuff about fresh growth and new beginnings.  ‘Spring Clean Your Home’, ‘Create a Desirable Beach Body’ and so on. How about ‘Springboard to Compassion’? Some people thrive on the adrenaline rushRead More

Guns ‘n’ Rosemary

I recently spent a few weeks living in a small cottage in southern France.  In a wild, remote area of Languedoc.  At an altitude of about 600m.  The local terrain there is rocky and steep.  Even the high plateaus are punctuated by limestone outcrops and unexpected ravines.  It makes for a challenging trail run. Wherever IRead More

Extra Ordinary

ay_ordinary blog

I am not outstanding.  I am quite ordinary. I write blogs that few people read.  I take photographs that only a handful of people appreciate.  It’s unlikely that I will invent a life-saving device, make speeches from a pulpit or be ‘followed’ by thousands. My task in this life is to be content with my ordinariness.Read More

Butterfly Nature


The most featured animal in recent weeks has been the butterfly.  In my life, I mean.  Actually flying around me a lot of the time.  I cycled around a Greek island and was escorted by a cloud of butterflies.  Now, amidst the rocky hills of wild Languedoc in southern France, I go trail running and usuallyRead More

A Short Admission

There is something I know well.  Something I mention frequently when I teach.  Something I contemplate and write about. What am I referring to? The fact that change is inevitable. Unfortunately this knowing does not mean that I sail through choppy waters of change with a smooth path and a hearty smile.  Sometimes I do, sometimesRead More

Mindful Travel


I’m currently on a Greek island.  I didn’t research it beforehand so it was only when I arrived at my accommodation that I realised there is no clean beach nearby.  As an amphibious yogi, I need to swim fairly often.  A vehicle is required to explore the beaches of this island.  So off I went toRead More

Sparkling Thanks


Throughout my yoga-teaching career, I am always grateful and humbled to be welcomed into the lives of students.  On graduation from teacher-training, without prior planning, I soon developed an affinity for holding small, intimate classes.  Boutique-style if you like.  I’m more interested in creating a safe and peaceful environment where I am better able to observeRead More

Mixing Bowl of Life

Amongst friends, family and strangers there have been difficult times lately- sickness, relationship struggles, surgery, loss, disease, emotional upheaval.  And there have been happy times too – weddings, births, business successes, adventures. This is life.  It’s a mixing bowl of ingredients – some tasty, some unpalatable. Whether you are facing tough challenges, whether you are bouncingRead More

Note to Self


It’s a big world out there.  Containing 7.5 billion people. I’m going out on a limb here and suggesting that each one of those people has a wish to be happy.  Regardless of age, geography, culture, history, religion and so on. I’m going out on another limb and suggesting that the majority of those people areRead More

Changing Views

I like to practise seeing things from different angles.  I find it broadens my mind. Given any scenario, it’s easy to latch onto a specific view and form opinions and ideas based on that view.  Somebody else will see the same scenario from their point of view, with their associated opinions and ideas.  It’s quite likelyRead More