Flying Visits

Winter is slowly turning into spring. Whales are breaching and spurting their way up the coast.  Onlookers are rejoicing.  Seagulls are happy that onlookers have snacks. In the forest, male magpie song fills the air all through the night.  It’s breeding season.  At ground level, kangaroo families are also expanding.   Young kangaroos stay close toRead More

Smile Like Glitter

It’s winter here.  The weather has been stormy, rainy, windy and grey.  It’s as if someone turned the dimmer switch down.  Occasionally the sun will appear between clouds.  But only as if to say, “I’m still here.  I’m just shining on other regions of the world right now.  I’ll be back with you in a fewRead More

This is Your Life

If you are reading this, you are alive.  I may or may not be alive.  As I jot these words right now, I naturally hope that I am alive for a few more decades.  But I cannot be certain of things turning out that way. How strange this thought is. Yet how true. Last week, aRead More

Common Traits

Here in the forest, cockatoos come out to play.  A choreographed arrival of black ties on red carpet.  Uninvited.  Disturbing the peace that other beings may wish to enjoy.  Uncaring?  Unaware? These cockatoos screech with pleasure for hours.  They dance high in the trees, revelling in the smorgasbord of flowering eucalyptus.  They drop partially-eaten nuts andRead More


This morning I stopped swimming in order to de-fog my goggles.  As I kept myself afloat, I looked towards the horizon and contemplated the ephemeral nature of life. It is like a bubble on the surface of the ocean.  Or a rainbow.  Or a reflection of the moon in a lake. We think we have manyRead More

2016 Rolls Out

Today is the final day of 2016. Usually as we sit on the cusp of a new year, there’s a bit of reflecting on the year that has just passed.  Please remember that when you do this, it’s not particularly helpful to analyse the pants off the whole year.  You can re-live/regurgitate/recall as much as youRead More