amphibious yogi

Hello, I’m Vanessa.  Here I share my little contemplations.  (Over on Instagram, I share little square views of the world around me.)

If you read a post and it makes you smile, or nod your head, or potter off and say something nice to someone else, then I will be happy about that.  If you decide that I have nothing of interest to say, then that’s fine too.  We all have different perspectives.

I am a yogi in progress. Having been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for over twenty years, I am fortunate to receive teachings through a direct lineage of teachers.  My study and practice is ongoing.  As is my wish to be a better person in order to have a more positive impact on others.

Separate to my personal Buddhism studies, for many years I was a Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia).  In this role, my emphasis was always on the therapeutic aspects of yoga.  When we create freedom and comfort within the body and mind it is easier to face challenges in life and be nicer to people around us.  I feel that this is more useful than merely ‘nailing a pose’.

Why amphibious?  Because I’m happy to be on land and in water.  I live with my beloved, in a home in a forest, near the turquoise waters of southwestern Australia.  I love to run or hike along trails and I love to swim, especially in seas and lakes.  I’ve completed a few long distance swims, eg. two Perth-Rottnest Island (20km, in duo).  I’ve also run a couple of marathons.  These days I prefer to do my own thing, rather than events – this allows me to stop and say hello to fish and birds without anyone shouting about having to reach a finish line.

Finally, here are two things I’d like to point out:

  1. I’m a fan of simplicity.  I live simply.  When it comes to words, I’m more Pooh Bear than William Shakespeare.
  2. I don’t take myself too seriously. Anyone who has ever attended one of my yoga or meditation classes will know this.