amphibious yogi

Hi, I’m Vanessa – the amphibious yogi!

I hope you enjoy the little contemplations I share on this blog.

If you read a post and it makes you smile, or nod your head, or potter off and say something nice to someone else, then I will be happy about that.  If you decide that I have nothing of interest to say, then that’s fine too.  We all have different perspectives.

My reflections on this site are flavoured by my ongoing wish to create a healthy mental and physical state in order to bring benefit to others.  I really would like everyone to be happy and peaceful.  That’s why I have been a student of Tibetan Buddhism since 1994, receiving teachings through a direct lineage of teachers.  It’s pure mind training.  I’m a work in progress but I see positive results when I make the effort to practise consistently and with a heartfelt attitude.  Someday soon I hope to graduate from kindergarten.

I also happen to be a Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia).  In this role, my emphasis has always been on the therapeutic aspects of yoga on body and mind.  When there is freedom within the body and peacefulness within the mind, it is easier to face challenges in life and be nicer to people around you.

As for ‘amphibious’, I’m as happy in water as I am on land.  I love to swim, especially in oceans and lakes.  And I love to run, especially along off-road trails.  We currently live amidst nature beside the turquoise waters of southwest Western Australia – an ideal location for an amphibious yogi.

Finally, here are 3 more important things you should know about me:

  1. I’m a fan of simplicity.  I live simply and when it comes to words, I’m more Pooh Bear than William Shakespeare.  You won’t see any fancy stuff from me.  Quirky, perhaps.  But not fancy.
  2. I’m not a preacher.
  3. I don’t take myself too seriously. Anyone who has ever attended one of my yoga or meditation classes will know this.