amphibious yogi

Hello.  My name is Vanessa.

I wish for everyone to have a peaceful and contented state of mind.  I wish for a world where there is less emphasis on physical appearance and more emphasis on mental stability.  I wish for a life where all people show consideration and compassion towards each other.

I swim outside.  I run along trails.  I live in a rammed earth home in a forest, with my dear husband.  I taught yoga for many years.  I ran a couple of marathons.  I recorded a violin track on a charity CD.  I swam to Rottnest Island.

Yet my greatest purpose, for over twenty years, is my practice of Tibetan Buddhism.  I am incredibly grateful to receive teachings through a direct lineage.  I am incredibly grateful for this path I follow, for it guides me in a direction which one day will help me to fulfil those wishes mentioned above.

This exploration of the mind is a great expedition, spanning many lifetimes.  I have a long way to go.  And I have little wisdom at this stage.  So, for now, the simple musings that I share on this site are of a Pooh Bear nature rather than of a wise master.  (Likewise, the simple images I share on my Instagram account are unedited, unfiltered and certainly unprofessional with regards to the Art of Photography.)

May all who visit the sanctuary of Amphibious Yogi take a moment to breathe freely, smile and perhaps potter off and say something nice to someone… xo