Flying Visits


Winter is slowly turning into spring.

Whales are breaching and spurting their way up the coast.  Onlookers are rejoicing.  Seagulls are happy that onlookers have snacks.

In the forest, male magpie song fills the air all through the night.  It’s breeding season.  At ground level, kangaroo families are also expanding.   Young kangaroos stay close to mothers.  Pink, wide-eyed faces peer from pouches.

Tiny wildflowers appear each day.  Local pasture land is as green as it will ever be. Blossom is bringing bare trees to life.

I contemplate the cycles of nature.  This ever-changing world.  This fragile, impermanent life.

Nothing lasts forever.

Seasons change.  Planets spin.  Clouds arise.  Clouds disperse.

Like the ocean tides, people come and go.  Relationships wilt and bloom.  Conversations become distant memories.  Special occasions arise and pass.

Time flies by on feathery wings.