Smile Like Glitter

smile like glitter

It’s winter here.  The weather has been stormy, rainy, windy and grey.  It’s as if someone turned the dimmer switch down.  Occasionally the sun will appear between clouds.  But only as if to say, “I’m still here.  I’m just shining on other regions of the world right now.  I’ll be back with you in a few weeks”.

Today I felt a bit claustrophobic, looking out through my window, watching hailstones bounce.  So I decided to go for a walk.

The beaches were strewn with seaweed.  The sea was swollen and murky.  Dark clouds spilled their tears.  Yet the cool air refreshed my spirits and before long I was smiling to myself.  Quite happy to be outside on this gloomy day.

After passing a few blank-faced people, I made a conscious effort to grin at everyone I saw.  Most smiled in return.  Occasionally there was no eye contact.  One person sniggered  “A-ha, I’m not the only mad idiot out today”.

When we smile, our faces light up.  Smiles and laughter are like glitter on a black canvas.

For a little while today, the dark skies brightened.  It’s as if someone turned the dimmer switch up.