Taking the Bait

Taking the Bait

As I ran along the coastal path this morning, I met two glum fishermen.

There are no fish“, said the most forlorn-looking one.

I smiled and continued on my way.  I didn’t feel the need to speak.  He had made a statement and did not appear to be requesting a response.

I smiled to myself for some time.  I imagined schools of fish swimming around quite happily.  Far away from any hooks.  Valiantly committed to not taking the bait today.

It is perhaps a little like being at the supermarket.  I see the special discount for Lindt chocolate bars.  Instantly I am hooked.

“At that price, I may as well stock up and buy 4 bars”.

I take the bait.

This is a silly story but nevertheless I will think of my gilled friends when I am next at the supermarket.  I will be more mindful of falling hook, line and sinker for shiny ads.

Incidentally, at the end of my run I went for a little swim in the sea.  There were many fish.