Precious Gifts

The vibrant blue and indigo feathers of a fairy wren.

A smile from a stranger.

The barely discernible outline of a harmless jellyfish.  It’s gossamer form pulsing with grace.

A homegrown lemon.  Placed at my front door by a friendly neighbour.

Tiny flecks of light, dancing on water.

Someone who listens when words are spoken.  Truly listens.

Mother ducks with their children.  Bringing traffic to a halt as they make the decision to cross a road.

Wildflower petals, the colour of sunshine.  Growing like droplets of joy on a fallen, decaying tree.

Kookaburras laughing.  Kangaroo ears twitching.

I consider these little pleasures.  They remind me that we can make a positive difference, whether or not we have a large presence or personality.  We can bring moments of happiness to others, regardless of how many fans, friends and followers we have.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  All colours.  All degrees of popularity.

We are all gifts for each other.