A Quiet Space

Quiet Symphony

The world is loud.  Myriads of instruments are heralding the onset of a national long weekend holiday.

I go in search of a quiet space.

Beneath the surface, I glimpse a distant place of refuge.  Almost immediately, the external fanfare transforms into a rhapsody of light.  Punctuated by discordant sounds of internal activity – the semitones of restless winds, the double-stopping of tensioned strings, the choir of imaginary voices.

As I venture deeper, all sounds begin to fade.  Tension dissipates.  Boundaries dissolve.  The conductor has relaxed his baton.  Here I can float in waves of silence.

I have discovered a quiet space!  A secret haven of peace.  A homecoming for my heart and mind.

This is a place I will strive to return to.

Again and again.

Until it becomes my everlasting place of rest.