A Kind Gesture

A Kind Gesture

I recently received a surprise gift.  It appeared on my bank statement.  A deposit had been made with a description, ‘Sender’s Name_buy chocolate‘.  It took a week or so for me to notice the aforementioned deposit.  When I did, I smiled with my whole being.  If you are wondering how someone had my account details, it’s not because I’m in the habit of dropping this information into conversation in order to prompt surprise gifts.  The Sender had previously used the bank transfer method for payment of meditation classes with me.

There’s a lot I like about this act of generosity.  I particularly like the fact that The Sender did at no point alert me to what she had done.  In fact, when I thanked her she said she wasn’t sure if I would ever notice.  I like that she was not bothered by this possibility.  To me, this indicates that the gift was made with an unconditional spirit of kindness.  Pure generosity.  ie. ‘I wish to give something to someone and it doesn’t matter a hoot if they don’t bestow me with a garland of gratitude‘.

Well, my chocolate-providing friend, please know that if I had a vibrant garland of marigolds, I would place it gently around your neck.  With gratitude.

Instead, here is an image of a radiant flower from my garden:

radiant pink flower