A Timely Thought

A Timely Thought

Time flies‘, we say.

What is Time?

We use this word to create order within the endless cycles of light and dark, growth and decay, accumulation and dissolution.  To create order within the cycles of life.  We quantify it.  Marking it into measured moments.  Then we develop elaborate gadgets to display these ever-changing measurements.  We solidify time.

Yet it is not something solid that we can grasp onto.  Can we actually hold it in our hand and say ‘here, this is Time’?

Perhaps time does fly.  Sometimes like a jet plane, sometimes like a bird with tired wings.  Perhaps time also sails, strolls, takes a train occasionally, hops on a bus or crawls quietly through grass.

Tempus fugit‘, they would say in days gone by.  Fugit comes from the Latin verb, meaning ‘to flee’.  Fleeing can happen by various modes of transport!

One thing is for certain.  This phenomenon we call Time.  It  doesn’t stand still.