Open Your Heart

War and Peace

The following are words from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama:

Inner disarmament, external disarmament; these must go together, you see.  Peace is not just mere absence of violence – genuine peace must start in each individual heart.

Yes.  Peace must start in each individual heart.  To encourage this, we must open our hearts and take a softer attitude towards ourselves and each other.

Let us demolish the internal walls we have constructed – walls that create separation between ourselves and others.   These walls get in the way of our peace and happiness.

Let us set down our weapons of greed, anger, jealousy and so on – weapons that only bring harm to ourselves and others.  These weapons weigh us down like excess baggage, delaying our journey to a more peaceful destination.

Let us dissolve the resistance we have when faced with changes in life.  There will always be change.  When we resist change, we create more suffering and less peace.

Let us acknowledge any difficulties we have in life, yet not wage war against these difficulties.  Only by embracing and working patiently with our difficulties can we find peaceful resolution.

Let us hold our personal opinions a little more loosely rather than with military strength.  When we each see our view as an impenetrable fortress, this creates conflict.  We must learn to accept that we all see the world around us with a unique perspective.

Let us each soften our own heart and be gentle with ourselves as we navigate the ups and downs of life.  And, most importantly, let us be soft, gentle and understanding with each other –  acknowledging that, at a heart level, we all wish to be peaceful and happy.

Wish for world peace?

Begin by allowing the petals of your heart to open and bloom.  Like a poppy.