Mixing Bowl of Life

Mixing Bowl of Life

Amongst friends, family and strangers there have been difficult times lately- sickness, relationship struggles, surgery, loss, disease, emotional upheaval.  And there have been happy times too – weddings, births, business successes, adventures.

This is life.  It’s a mixing bowl of ingredients – some tasty, some unpalatable.

Whether you are facing tough challenges, whether you are bouncing with glee, whether you are smiling with contentment or whether you are ambling with nonchalance, remember this:  Life can change at the drop of a hat.

Be patient during difficult times.  Be thankful during good times.  Be kind to friends, family and strangers.  We’re all in this mixing bowl together.

To accompany this short blog post, I had the idea to bake a batch of cookies that we could all share.  On a virtual level anyway.  Via a photo illustration.  So I lovingly combined the raw ingredients together in my mixing bowl.  A symbol of our existence in the bowl of life, if you like.  With a warm hearted feeling,  I dropped spoonfuls of mixture onto trays – in neat rows, like houses on a street.  As I rested the trays in the oven, I envisaged removing golden-topped treats within 8 minutes.  With the sunlight streaming through the window, I anticipated a photographic gem in the making.  A benevolent offering to all.

I burnt the cookies.  I removed little charred circles from the oven.  Unworthy of being photographed.  Definitely unworthy of being offered benevolently.

Sorry about that.  This is life.  It’s a mixing bowl of ingredients – some tasty, some unpalatable.  And it can change at the drop of a hat.

Here’s a photo of two ducks instead.  Being kind to each other.  As the sunlight streams through their window.